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  Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 1, 2017 7:12am-7:23am PST

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tape play out. let's watch. >> hello, everybody. you have been so helpful. we did well, the election came out really well. next time we'll triple quadruple it. this is african-american history month. this is our little get together. a few notes during this month we honor the tremendous history of the african-americans throughout our country. throughout the world when you really think about it, right? this is one of unimaginable hard work and faith in america. i've gotten a real glimpse during the campaign. i went with ben to a lot of places that i wasn't familiar
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with. i want to thank ben carson heading up hud. that's a big job and a job that is not only housing, it is mind and spirit, right, ben? you understand that. no body is going to be better than ben. last month we celebrated the life of martin luther king junior whose incredible example in unique in american history. you read about dr. martin luther king a week ago when somebody said i took the statue out of my office. it turned out that that was fake news. [laughter] it is one of the favorite things in the -- we have some good ones. we have lincoln, jefferson and dr. martin luther king and we have -- but they said the statue, the bust of dr. martin luther king was taken out of the office. and it was never even touched. so i think it was a disgrace
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but that's the way the press is, very unfortunate. i'm proud we have a museum on the national mall where people can learn about reverend king and so many other things, frederic douglas is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and being recognized more and more i notice. harriet tubman, rosa parks and millions more black americans who made america what it is today. i'm proud to honor this heritage and we'll be honoring it more and more. folks at the table in almost all cases have been great friends and supporters and daryl, i met daryl when he was defending me on television. [laughter] and the people that were on the other side of the argument didn't have a chance, right? and paris has done an amazing job in a very hostile cnn community. [laughter] all by himself. seven people and paris. i'll take paris over the seven.
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but i don't watch cnn so i don't get to see you as much. [laughter] i don't like watching fake news. but fox has treated me very nice wherever fox is, thank you. we'll need better schools and we need them soon. we need more jobs, we need better wages. a lot better wages. we will work very hard in the inner city. ben will be doing that quickly. it's one of his big things that he is looking at. we need safer communities and we'll do that with law enforcement and we'll make it safe. we're going to make it much better than it is now. right now it's terrible. i saw you talking about it the other night, paris on something else that was -- you did a fantastic job the other night on a very unrelated show. i'm ready to do my part. i'm ready to do my part and i will say this, we'll work together. this is a great group. this is a group that has been so special to me. you really helped me a lot. if you remember i wasn't going
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to do well with the from african-american community. after they heard me speaking and talking about the inner city and other things we ended up getting substantially more than other candidates who had run in the past years. and now we'll take that to new levels. i want to thank my television star over here. she have is a very nice person. i don't want to destroy her reputation. she is a very good person and she has been helpful right from the beginning of the campaign and i appreciate it. very special. and so i want to thank everybody for being here. could we maybe just go around the room and introduce ourselves and the press can stay for that and i'm sure they have no questions about last night because it was such a good launch. we have a fantastic hopefully new justice of the supreme court and hopefully he will approved very quickly. he is outstanding in every way.
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academically he has done almost as well as you did, daryl, in college. [laughter] not quite, right? but he is a great man and i think will be a great justice and he is being very well received. a very big evening. paris, let's start with you, go ahead. >> glad to be here, mr. president. paris dennard, i represent the 47 publicly supported university which i know you are very much a support of. pleasure to be here. >> i would be all -- i would be in the wilderness. you are so effective and i appreciate it. >> bill cleveland, retired capitol police officer. former vice mayor city of alexandria and substitute teacher in alexandria school teacher. >> i'm a veteran, sir. i'm earl matthews work for the u.s. department of defense. sworn in an hour after you were.
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i'm also a veteran, long-time supporter of yours and worked for you and happy to be here, sir. >> good job. >> i'm the vice president. i think you know me. >> i'm daryl's wife. revival center. from cleveland, ohio, pastor of new spirit. great amount of support in the african-american community where we are. we love the lord, we love our new president, and we're praying for our president on a regular basis. >> amen. >> the one thing i didn't understand about them, i thought they were married five or six years, they look so young. should you say how many years you've been married? >> 35? >> 38. >> but in the lord. [laughter] 35 years. >> 33 of the 38 under the blood.
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>> i'm so grateful our president gives us an ear. to listen to the community, to listen. and people like us are just here to constantly put that message out into the community and we love you for that. we love you for listening and we thank you for that. >> thank you very much. >> daryl, pastor new spirit revival center and black trump supporter. but speaking of the community let me say this real quick. i was recently contacted by some of the top gangs in chicago for a sit-down. they reached out to me because they associated me with you. they respect you and believe in what you are doing and what to have a sit-down about lowering the body counts. in a couple of weeks we're going into chicago. >> great idea. chicago is out of control. >> we have to lower the body count. just the body count. they agree the principles that can do it and straight from the
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street. no politicians straight street guys. they'll commit if they lower their body count we'll do some social programs. >> they won't solve the problem. what you're doing is the right thing. we'll solve the problem for them. we'll have to do something about chicago. what is happening in chicago shouldn't be happening. >> they want to work with this administration. they reached out to me. they believe in this administration but didn't believe in the prior administration. they see hope. >> mr. president, i'm a member of the what we call the media where we try to be fair. [laughter] >> objective. not all media seems to be the opposition party. we report. >> a lot of the media is a lot of the opposition party. they're so biased and really it's a disgray. some of the media is fantastic
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and fair. so much of the media is opposition party. knowingly saying incorrect things. it's a sad situation but we seem to be doing well. it's almost like in the meantime we won. they really have to straighten out their act. they're very dishonest people. >> pastor james davis. mr. president, we've been a supporter of yours from the beginning all longside mr. michael cohen and dr. daryl stock with the national diversity coalition. we brought out a number of people in the black community and we're still in support going forward. >> you've been great. >> hi, mr. president. yes, i am as you know the former vice president of the wonderful charity that your son founded, the eric trump foundation and been with your family for eight years now, and i was an rnc speaker and will
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be landing with dr. carson at hud as one of the senior advisors and director of the office of public liaison. >> that's great. you did a fantastic job. thank you. >> i'm gerard robinson a resident fellow at the american enterprise institute and involved in the trump transition. >> ashley bell behind you and some others. >> ashley. >> good to be with you. i would help run the african-american outreach for your campaign. i'm willing to help you out at the state department. >> thank you very much. >> i'm tucker davis. i ran your campaign in west virginia. working for you. >> we did well in west virginia. >> coal miners love you. >> we love them, too. we'll put them back to work. >> i helped launch the video
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series every week, the midweek message that reached out to millenials and college students and helped launch the college republican caucus. howard university. >> i heard that. good job. great job. >> monica alexander, public liaison for -- [inaudible] >> mr. president. rod smith with the domestic policy council and i'll be focusing on urban affairs and revitalization. >> fantastic. >> a howard graduate. >> thank you.